In the second training of the MicroPitch Entrepreneurship Training Series, titled “Green and Sustainable Business Practices – win-win for my business and the environment”, Maria Jesus Baez and Diana Kollanyi, the two trainers from the Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance will guide entrepreneurs through exactly this topic: How can you make your business more sustainable without losing competitiveness – or maybe even increase your competitiveness while doing so.  This includes providing insight into some basic finance knowledge and criteria for evaluating sustainability projects or endeavours, as well as into the calculation of profitability of green projects – all with practical exercises.


By doing so, the training will help entrepreneurs to understand how to build sustainable practices for their businesses and learn about the interaction between the environment, the use of resources and the community. Further, it will provide them with tools on how to define the areas in their business where sustainability can be implemented or enhanced and how to analyse the attractiveness and profitability of a green investment, including some examples such as energy efficiency.

Maria Jesus Baez.

✔️ Maria has over 10 years of professional experience in sustainable finance and consulting, especially in the LAC region.


✔️ She has actively supported the implementation of a number of climate market assessments and financial feasibility assignments and has extensive experience in the implementation of Green Finance credit lines including the identification of investment opportunities and preparation of project business plans.

Diana Kollanyi.

✔️Diana has cooperation and implementation experience with SMEs, start-ups and global private sector players to develop, operationalise and scale impact driven business models and green investments.


✔️ She worked with 15+ institutions to drive financial inclusion of marginalised and un-banked groups – such as SMEs, women, youth and farmers – in order to contribute to economic development.


MicroPitch is a combination of entrepreneurship trainings and a business plan competition that gives entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) of the Caribbean region the opportunity to boost their business.

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