Quinn Weekes.

✔️ Quinn is an expert in data analytics and digital transformation, using it to help MSMEs develop solutions to operational challenges and to streamline their decision-making processes.

✔️ He focuses on advising and implementing data-driven strategies for MSMEs, such as data-driven web applications and business digitalisation.

Ariel Rochwerger.

The transformation of electronic commerce or e-Commerce  is revolutionising the way we buy, sell and even how we live. However, access to these technologies is not as extensive or accessible for entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the Central America and Caribbean regions. Ariel Rochwerger is an entrepreneur who has identified this gap and focused on facilitating access to e-Commerce for the region.


After studying in New Orleans, US and Toronto, CA; where Ariel saw how technology was revolutionizing the business park and helping local businesses, he tasked himself to find a solution called: Fygaro; an all-in-one cloud solution to allow entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the region to formalize, access e-commerce and grow without borders removing most of the entry barriers that existed before.


MicroPitch is a combination of entrepreneurship trainings and a business plan competition that gives entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) of the Caribbean region the opportunity to boost their business.

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